About Us

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My name is Matthew Blazek, and history is my passion.
With over 25 years of experience as a re-enactor, medievalist, and theater performer, I’ve long wanted to share my love of history with others. Now, I have the means to share my passion in an interactive and captivating way, hopefully igniting the same spark that was lit in myself as a child. This project, The Agincourt Soldier, was born of love for history, and I aim to share that excitement with your students or community in a manner that makes us excited to learn.

Midcoast Maine is a region shrouded with its own sense of magic. It’s not difficult to look upon the stone-jutted hills or turbulent beaches and imagine shining knights jousting with the nefarious dragons of legend. Or to even catch a wisp of an elves song carried through the woods on a light spring breeze, or the thudding of giant’s feet crushing down upon the thick New England snow. As a child, I immersed myself in the classic tales of King Arthur and his Knights, which brought my world around me to fanciful life.

As I’ve grown older, I came to find that the real history behind the myths is just as exciting and magical. I dove into the academic ocean of Medieval history and never stopped swimming! I am constantly learning new and exciting aspects of medieval life that I can’t wait to share!

Though I have studied numerous time periods of the Medieval era, I have been drawn back to the Battle of Agincourt time after time. Spurred by my combined love for history and the theatrical, Agincourt has always been dear to me, and the factual events of it, fascinating. Even William Shakespeare wrote of the battle in Henry V. What we may consider commonplace now began here, with an army facing insurmountable odds and against a king who believed his fate was victory, one of the original underdog stories. The drama is palpable and could write itself.

Our Mission:

Our mission at The Agincourt Soldier is to provide high quality, factual, and engaging interactive living history demonstrations and lectures to students, K-12.
Working with teachers and schools to supplement, enhance, or even replace parts of a curriculum, at
no cost to schools.
Our core value is that “History is fun!”