Available Services

Here at The Agincourt Soldier we understand that no one understands the needs of their students more than a teacher. We work hard to craft custom presentations to fit your curriculum!

We offer 30 to 120 minute Presentations on:

The Battle of Agincourt
The Hundred Years War
King Henry V
Geoffrey Chaucer
Thomas Chaucer: The Poets political son
Arms and Armor of the Agincourt Era
Daily Medieval Life
Medieval Art and Interpretation
Heraldry: It’s designs and usage

We offer 30 to 120 minute Demonstrations on:

Arms and Armor in Action
Sword Cutting, and Historical Swordsmanship
Medieval Cookery
Battlefield Tactics of Agincourt
Early 15th Century Artillery and it’s uses

With enough preparation time we can even work with schools/organizations to put on interactive medieval festivals!

We’ll give talks to anybody!

Just because you’re not a school or library doesn’t mean you can’t book us for an engaging and informative presentation!
Some of the past places we’ve presented at:
Retirement Communities
Adult Ed Classes
Scout Troops
Renaissance Fairs
Summer Camps
Even at a Brewery!