New “KNIGHT WEEK!” Programs Available for Summer Camps 2020!

Whether you it’s a Day Camp program or an Overnight Adventure, let us here ate the Agincourt Soldier help you craft amazing summer memories for your campers!

Introducing Knight Week! programs for Day and Overnight camps ages 5-12!

Knight Week! is designed to introduce your campers to interesting and fun aspects of medieval life allowing them to get hands on with history!
We offer two exciting themes for Knight Week!

Program 1: The Courtly Life
Through a series of workshops campers will learn about medieval music and dance. Learning simple dances they can perform with each other.
They’ll also learn about Medieval Storytelling, Theater, and what it meant to be a noble of the time.
The Knight Week!: The Courtly Life caps off with a Medieval Themed Feast and Ball!

Program 2: Tournament!
Knight Week!: Tournament! explores one of the favorite past times of medieval life, the tournament games!
Campers will learn about Heraldry, Arms Armor and Rules of the Joust, Archery Games and other fun medieval contests! The week caps off with a tournament of their own where they can try the ring challenge on a “horse,” compete in a safe and fun “Robin Hood” archery game, and watch awesome feats of valor from our resident Knight!

Our Knight Week! programs are not part of our free educational service. Pricing calculated per camper, multiple session discounts available. Contact us today!