Oceanside Middle School Demo

What a way to end the school demo season!

On Friday, June 8th, I organized a demonstration for 120 middle school students in Thomaston, Maine.

Now I have done a number of 1 man talks through the school year, but this group wanted something really exciting.

Working with the local SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms) I was able to create an interactive educational experience for them.
4 stations, 5 speakers.
The students cycled through 20/25 minute presentations on Heraldry, Medieval Food and Cooking, Archery, and of course Arms and Armor.

The kids were attentive, adventurous (over 90% of them tried the food!), inquisitive, and generally excited to take part.

I’m not sure which they loved more, when I demonstrated the effectiveness of a Pole Hammer on the watermelons, or when I let them have at each other with pool noodle “swords!”

I’m looking forward to building more experiences for students!

My archers jack wouldn’t fit over the gear I was wearing for combat, so I defaulted to the heraldic surcoat.

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